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Augmented Reality
Mini Golf

Virtual Worlds that Interact with

Physical Mini Golf Gameplay

Reinvigorate your physical Mini Golf Game with Virtual Worlds

Bring the Metaverse into your Mini Golf / gaming location.  Don't wait for your competitors to bridge the gap between social, real world gaming and the coming augmented reality revolution!

Scan / Map Your Mini Golf Courses

Puttscape allows you to scan your physical location to then add Augmented Reality Gamification to enhance your existing course!

Offer Guests Multiple Themed Games on Each Course

A new game is just a click away...  Allow your groups to select which Augmented Reality gaming experience they want to have while playing mini golf.

Reskin Your Mini Golf Course With Augmented Reality!

Put aside costly plans for physical renovation.  With Puttscape, you are given the controls to add cutting edge augmented reality that reacts to your player's mini golf shots.

Enhance Your Mini Golf Course's Replayability

Puttscape gives you the power to apply your own alternative Metaverses at your location.  Increased variety will entice Mini Golf enthusiasts to come back for more and attract new players!


Pirate 2
Pirate 1


Reinventing an Age Old Pastime with Cutting Edge Technology

Puttscape is the result of collaboration between the most enthusiastic Mini Golfers that also just so happen to be experts in computer vision and augmented reality.  After years of deploying AR/VR at theme parks and other entertainment venues, the founders of PuttScape decided to bring the magic of AR to their favorite past-time.

The coming wave of virtual and augmented reality games, social experiences, etc (i.e. the Metaverse) is coming.  Why not bring this sophisticated technology into your venue, without taking anything away from the physical enjoyment of playing mini golf and seeing, socializing with your friends!

Bringing the Metaverse to a Mini Golf Course Near You

Our Partners

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The Options For Gamification Variety Are Endless

Puttscape's Interest list is full of visionaries.  Are you ready to embrace the coming AR revolution?

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