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Innovation on the Green: PuttScape Awarded Mixed Reality Mini-Golf Patent

At PuttScape, we are driven by a vision to enhance traditional experiences with the power of mixed reality technology. Our cutting-edge augmented reality golf technology has been enhancing location based augmented reality gameplay for miniature golf courses and other leisure sports for some time now, and we are delighted to announce a significant breakthrough for our company - we have received a patent for our location-based AR gaming system! 

Developed in partnership with augmented reality company DAS Labs, the PuttScape technology takes miniature golf gameplay to the next level. Players select a storyline to follow throughout their game, then digital content is overlaid onto the course via their smartphone. Graphics interact with real-life objects as they move, and provide endless entertainment for players of all ages. 

AR Technology Behind the Patent

Our newly-awarded patent, officially registered as Patent No. 11964208, introduces our innovative method for creating immersive augmented reality environments specifically designed for miniature golf. The advanced AR application enables digital graphics to interact with real-world physics, creating an immersive game experience. Users choose their storyline before beginning their game, and then embark on an adventure to dodge pirates, save the galaxy, or complete another exciting objective on their mini-golf course. 

Designed to Increase Mini-Golf Business Revenue

Since each mini golf course can be transformed into multiple different adventure games with the power of augmented reality, implementing PuttScape significantly increases the replayability of each course. Players will want to come back and experience each different storyline to see what new adventures they can unlock. Then, re-skinning the course with a fresh game is easy! 


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